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The nowhere of life [May. 26th, 2010|05:12 pm]
Brilliant! I forgot about this Livejournal thing.

I'm still stuck talking to the void LJ even though I haven't done any actual talking /posting here. I forgot you were here.

The update is simple; Nothing has changed.

I've been watching TLC and their shows on UFOs, Mysterious whatevers are absolute grad "A" piles of shit. So sue me.

See? I'm not talking about my dog.

Living in the apartment is still weird.

I got stories.

Another time perhaps.
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My name is creeping me out. [Jun. 28th, 2007|01:02 pm]
It's been a while LiveJournal. Good to see you again. I know I've been away for a while. You must think I'm of my meds and hacked a homeless person to bits. Not yet. Just kidding.

It's been so long I had to read what I've been writing about. October?! It has been a while. Well, I didn't get to move. The short veRsion is I'm broke.

Eddie is a bad boy. The big baby has turned into a 'fraidy cat. His "accidents" are more frequent and he does thIs thing, which is actually quite amusing, where he'll pause and peek his head into the room he's entering before he actually enters it.

Lately I've been working a bit from home. Thank the Lord for the telecommute.

I've been getting hooked on the iTunes radio stations. They're great. It's like having XM at home. And while working it's even better. Infinitely more tolerable than the "lite" music dribble at the office. Unfortunately my favorite station has been pulled-Olde Tyme Radio. It was on the Talk/Spoken word set, kind of like Ripley Retro Radio or The History Capsule.

Oh, I think I'm hearing people talk about me in the office. Not like bad things. I'm always just an earshot away to hearing my name. "blah blah Sonny blah". It pissed me off so bad one day I thought my favorite iTunes radio station was talking about me too, but I realized it was a song about "sunny days".
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Poor Eddie [Oct. 18th, 2006|10:20 am]
I let Eddie outside last niGht at about 3AM. I wasn't taking any chances on a clean up in the middle of the night. The routine is I shove him out the door and in a couple of minutes I let him back in. This time he didn't come back. He had his nose throUgh the fence whining at something. So I let him be for a while and I sat on the couch. The alarm went off at 7AM this morning. FUCK! I left Eddie outside all night. My poor puppy's head was scratched up. I assumed he tried to diG underneath and squeeze himself under the chain lInk fence. Poor eddie. It was my fault for falling asleep. I don't want him to dig. Although the house next door is vacant, I still don't want to piss off the landlord.

His injuries weren't bad. So my mOrning routine consisted of giving Eddie a bath. Fun. In doing so, I found a couple of gashes on his side too. What the hell?

I was supposed to move out of this place. Even if it's across the street. I have an agent looking for me. Karma must be collecting on all of the wicked bad shit I've done. I just need one more wicked bad thing to happen to me or Eddie. NOT MY DOG YOU BASTARD! NOOOO!
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I'm over it, I'm out of here. [Oct. 6th, 2006|12:29 pm]
So I finally decided I need to move. I don't know. I juSt want to. I have this habit of just doing something Completely different if I get bored with something (geogrAphic restless leg syndRome?) and right now I'm fairly borEd with this place. EdDie is too. He's started to ruN into the living roOm and "play" with the TV. Well, it looks like he's play boWing to it, but he'll jump up on the entertainment center and try to look beHind it. It was amusing at first. ThEn I got worried. Now I'm just annoyed. AND speaking of that corner of the Living room, remember that burn on the wall? Still there. No amount of cleaner is getting that sucker off. AND I could swear it got bigger. Like the more I clean it, it grows a hair longer out of defiance. Whatever. I'm Pretending it's not there. I'M outta hEre.
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Oh boy. [Oct. 2nd, 2006|06:00 pm]
My sister-in-law's mother passed away. She was a very giving person. I suppose that's the extent of my condolences because I never really knew her like my brother. They're all broken up about it. Understandable. I did however make it to the wake. Bodies in coffins. I can't stand them. I winced as relatives sobbed all over her, grabbing at her, kissing her. UUgh. The horror. I guess it would be different if it was somebody close to me. Like I said I don't know that side of the family too well, but I kept hearing my name in the rumble of conversations. I kept to myself most of the time trying to pick out the details, not really having the nerve to just butt in and say "I heard my name. Is someone talking about me?" It didn't matter. I didn't feel like mingling.

I will say one thing about the funeral home. Apart from our presence, it was suspiciously quiet. You'd think they would be creepy and raving with poltergeist activity. Not that I would know anything about that. I have Six Feet Under to thank for desensitizing the general public on such places. ;-p

It bugged me, however, that I couldn't pick out what people were talking about. I tried to rewind on my way home in my head the voices to no avail. I'm convinced it was the large boil on my forehead. Thanks for nothing Noxema.
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Money and Fire. [Aug. 3rd, 2006|01:56 pm]
So there's this person at work who has his wHole life "figured out". He's got a good job, an attractive wife, drives a nice car, has a nice house, great kids, etc.

We're the samE age and what do I have? I'm at the bottom of the pecking order at work, I'm not attached to anyone, my car is on it's last gasp, and i rent a crappy apartment. Eddie, my dog, even thinks my place sucks. I know he does.

As much as I envy him (on some leveL) i don't.

What brought this on? Probably a bout of self pity about money, but hey we're all broke and can't do the things we want, right? Then I thought about how much the guy is paying for all of his worldy possessions. Yikes. And then I felt better. I felt liberated because I'm free of any of those financial obligations. Sure I have some credit card debts, but other than that. Eh. I'm happy where I am.

It's not that I'm not motivated to do anything, but now I can go do anything I want. Free of work responsibilities. Thank God I don't have one of those blackberry things. I can go buy a scooter and run it into the ground at any time. Does this make any sense. Am I just trying to justify my Poorness and say I'm this way because "I choose to be"? Money's great. I have no objections to striving for it. I'm just having too much fun.

Anyways, I'm not getting on this.

So remember that intruder? So my entertainment center moves a few inches. Automatically attribute it to Eddie. He gets in this romPing fits and runs up and down the apartment. He knocks things out of place. Here's where it gets crazy. Eddie's a pretty smart dog and he knows when he's done bad. If there's poop on the floor he'll stay out of that room until I clean it. So I come home and Eddie refuses to come see me. I smell, nothing. I look around for puddles, nothing. Check for broken things, nada. what's going on here? I pulled Eddie by the collar to the back door. He was pretty defiant and once we passed the living room he took off for the door. Kicked his ass out to the yard. Okay back to the living room. Nothing. Then on the wall, behind the entertainment center there's a burn mark. I assume it's from the electrical outlet. A long arching mark from the floor and to the left. About 10inches. IT's partly my fault (I think). The plugs and shit are a mess back there, but a burn mark jumping out onto the wall? Fire hazards. Great. Called the rental office about it. Yes, give them a reason to raise the rent.

This journal should be called "The things Eddie does when I'm not home"
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'Fraidy Cats ASSEMBLE! [Jul. 17th, 2006|04:06 pm]
I am a worrisome man. Ideally, I'd like to say that I'm just a man with his share of fears, but I'd be lying. Let me count the ways: heights, darkness, haphazardly sprayed insect repellents, spiders, those camel crickets, hospitals, vomit, large bodies of water, boats, complex machinery, driving on the highway, being mugged, fungi, fungi on my food, expiration dates, any manner of "dead" anything, paper cuts.

I'm sure most share my fears. I know I'm not alone in this.

I bring this up because I didn't sleep last night. I thought I heard someone at my front door at about 2:30am. I sat frozen in fear for a good hour before I started to calm down. Listening. I later realized, after it started getting light outside, that it was just me hearing things, but upon further inspection of my living room I could've sworn that someone moved my entertainment center a few inches closer to the couch. I didn't hear it, but it is considerably closer. The dust on the floor says so. For a fleeting moment a wave of horror washed over me as I considered that that person may still be in the apartment. Lucky for me I pulled together enough not to entertain the possibility. I put on my Ultraviolet DVD on as I got ready for work. Milla looks awesome in that film. Vampires in the future are hot.
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Finally! [Jun. 29th, 2006|02:49 pm]
I went to go see X-men 3. That Anna Paquin is smokin'! Everyone's always raving about Rebecca Romijn. Yeah I guess, but too bad Rogue wasn't in the movie too much. They should've gone into that stoy a bit more. Actually they should've just stayed completely away from the Angel story. What a complete waste of time. He didn't do anything except save his father at the end. If he just appeared at the end as one of the X-men to help fight the Brotherhood of Mutants that would've been a neat cameo. Then they could've thrown Gambit in there somewhere.

I still liked it. =)

Wait, did I spoil that for anyone?
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I wanna pop, I wanna Shasta! [Jun. 28th, 2006|12:04 pm]
Delve into the history that is Shasta soda.

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Hello world [Jun. 27th, 2006|10:51 pm]

I guess I already dId, but I never really Said who I was. After rEading a few "first entries" I discovEred that it's only riGht to identify yourself.

Honestly, I decided to do tHis as a diversionary tactic for myself. I guess I just like tO ramble and this is a perfect outlet. distraction? Yes. Cathartic? Sometimes.

Hopefully I won't bore thoSe who acTually read this, then again I don't care if anyone doeS.

Right now I only have one friend: fireballzer0. (How do you turn those names into links anyways?) I just randomly found his profile. He's been gracious enough to make me a friend. So greetings friend!

So "Hello world of LJ!"

IT's my bedtime. Time to hit the hay, hey, hei?

Good night.
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